The Portrait Project has officially launched in Tower Hamlets!

We've been working with the Linc Centre, near Devons Road in Bow, to learn about amazing local people. We wanted to give them the attention they deserve by commissioning amazing portrait murals on the Linc Centre walls.

After lots of brilliant conversations and inspiring stories, the first portraits to be selected by the community are of Aaron Williams and Heather Peirce. Learn more about Aaron and Heather down the page.

For this project we asked the incredibly talented Carleen De Sozer to take on the task of creating these portrait murals. 

Join us for the Linc Centre Summer BBQ on Thursday 22nd August from 3pm for the big reveal!

Aaron Williams.jpg

Young people put forward their resounding choice of Aaron Williams who has done so much for the Spotlight youth clubs in Tower Hamlets.

Aaron Williams – a.k.a “Bigman Scope” – is an MC, producer, writer, video director and Hype Man to Dizzee Rascal. He is a Creative Youth Worker focussed on Creative Development with Spotlight. Touring around the world exposed him to many different cultures, sounds and styles, giving him the desire to share his experiences by giving back to the community he grew up in.

He was also a member of Linc Centre as a young person, where he first got hooked on making music. Using the music facilities at the Linc allowed him to express himself openly, develop skills as an MC and build lasting relationships. “My main aim is to expose our young people to many different art forms and to show them a world outside their immediate environment. Having that space to create, have fun and express myself freely was everything to me.”

Heather Pierce.jpeg

Poplar Housing Association, which runs the Linc Centre, selected the indefatigable Heather Peirce who sadly passed away in 2018. Her family, friends and colleagues have been passionate about sharing her legacy with the community so that she can continue to be an inspiration to others; they shared the below bio with Paint the Change.

Heather Peirce, who lived in Gayton House and was affectionately known as 'Lady Gayton', was well known and beloved amongst the Linc community. She got involved in community activities and was a very important and pro-active member of the Lincoln resident’s board. She said herself she joined the board to “keep Poplar Harca on their toes” and did just that.

Heather’s particular passion was fighting the anti-social behaviour in the area and saving Chiltern Green from being redeveloped - this lovely community green space and children's play area is still being enjoyed by local families today.

Heather Peirce was many things. A loving, warm, fun, supportive mum, grandmother, great grandmother and step grandmother; a wonderful friend and kind and conscientious neighbour; a feisty, skilful nurse heading up the radiotherapy department at Royal London Hospital and a keen traveller, seamstress, music-lover and theatregoer.

We love that through her presence on the outside of our building she will now look over us and push us forward to do more for our local residents. We hope that her image and story will inspire our locals to get more involved in their local community. Heather Peirce is an example of how much good one person can do for the area they live in and the people they live alongside.